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Fifty Shades of Grey 2015 Torrent

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Year: 2015
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson
Stars: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Jennifer Ehle

Fifty Shades of Grey 2015 torrent
Language: English
Runtime: 125 min
Subtitles: English
Frame Rate: 29.9 fps
Video Bitrate: 5228 Kb/sec
Audio Bitrate: 440 kbps


When Anastasia Steele, a literature student, the interviews for the rich Christian Grey as a favor to his roommate Kate Kavanagh, he meets a beautiful, brilliant and intimidating people. The innocent and then separate nights Hannah begins to realize that he wanted him. Despite his enigmatic reserve and advice, he finds himself desperate to get close to him. Unable to resist Anas beauty and independent spirit, Christian Grey admits he wants her, too, but on his own terms. Ana hesitates when he discovers that the singular flavor of Christian Grey - despite the trappings of success, multinational corporations, his wealth, and his loving family, Grey consumed by the need to control everything.

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