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Leviathan 2014 English [by S.DRO] Torrent

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Year: 2014
Genre: Drama
Director: Andrey Zvyagintsev
Stars: Aleksey Serebryakov, Elena Lyadova, Roman Madyanov

Leviathan 2014 torrent
Language: Eng
Runtime: 140 min
Subtitles: French
Frame Rate: 25 fps
Video Bitrate: 2924 Kb/sec
Audio Bitrate: 256 kbps


On the outskirts of a town on the coast in the Barents Sea, where the whales sometimes CHILD in the bay on, lives a family with STILL: Kolya (Aleksey Serebryakov), it's still the woman Lilya (Elena Lyadov) and his teenage Romka. Family & amp; eacute; haunted by a corrupt mayor (Madyanov Roman), with a password; trying to take away the land, a house and a small shop REPAIR n veh & amp; iacute asses of Kolya. To save STILL houses Kolya calls his old friend Ex em ARMY Moscow (Vladimir Vdovichenkov), which has now become a lawyer authoritative. Together they decide to fight back and collect the waste at the mayor.

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